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dove c’è ristorazione

We have been taking care of foodservice professionals for over 50 years
with the aim of being a Partner able to offer customized solutions.

dove c’è ristorazione

MARR is the leader in Italy in the specialized distribution
of food and non-food products to the foodservice.

dove c’è ristorazione

The MARR range, with over 25,000 products, has a strong orientation
towards the territory and sustainability.

dove c’è ristorazione

A fleet of over 950 vehicles with an efficient distribution process,
attentive to sustainability and close to the customer.

dove c’è ristorazione

Taking care of the customer has led MARR to develop a series of physical and digital tools
aimed at optimizing the phygital interaction between the customer and the company.

MARR has been embarking on a process of strengthening its approach to sustainability for some time
considering the implementation of ESG strategies in areas relevant to its activities as a priority.


Green Products
(according to the Green Public Procurement envisaged by the DM n. 65 of 10 March 2020)


Vehicles with low environmental impact
(gas and euro 6)

k +

analysis per year for food safety
and for environment protection


tons of the waste is destined for recovery

Over 40 distribution centers throughout the country,
find the one closest to you.