• Sustainability


Protection of the environment is a primary duty for MARR, and this is why we operate to achieve the objective of equilibrium between our activities and the surrounding environment, without degrading it minimising the use of resources, also favouring the diffusion of sustainable products.


Green products enable operators in collective catering (canteens, schools, hospitals) to implement a policy of Green Purchases (GPP, Green Public Procurement) consistently with the National Action Plan for GPP  (PAN GPP) and enables professionals in the commercial catering sector (restaurants, hotels, tourist resorts) to promote eco catering and sustainable tourism measures.


MARR is a leading company in Italy in the marketing of fresh and frozen fish products, with supply channels involving suppliers operating in different countries of the world. The fishing industry is subject to risks related to illegal fishing practices (illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing -IUU) and, in some countries, to the risk of violation of human rights and non-compliance with decent working conditions for people.
In this context MARR has defined its own management regulations for the control of the "Sustainable Fish Supply Chain".


Animal Welfare

The Animal Welfare is an area of interest for MARR, in line with the increasing sensitivity of Customers towards this topic. The attention in this regard is aimed at making available in the MARR’s range, products of animal origin safe from the hygienic-sanitary point of view, guaranteed from the organoleptic point of view and in terms of traceability, farmed in production chains respectful of dignity and Animal Welfare.


In accordance with Legislative Decree 254/2016 MARR released the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement as at 31 December 2017.